Second Opinion Services

What to Know

When you’re faced with a critical healthcare decision and aren’t sure what to do, it helps to get a second opinion. DuPont offers 2nd.MD, a second opinion service that connects you with leading national specialists by phone or video.

About Your Second Opinion Services

DuPont provides access to 2nd.MD services at no additional cost to employees and their eligible dependents enrolled in a DuPont Medical Plan. All 2nd.MD services are 100% confidential. Here’s an overview of how 2nd.MD can support you on your healthcare journey:

Getting Started with 2nd.MD

In your 2nd.MD session, specialists will review your diagnosis and treatment plans and have a detailed conversation with you, so you can gain confidence about your next steps.

Know that once you start with 2nd.MD, you’ll never be alone in your treatment journey. Simply call 1-866-537-1324 or visit 2nd.MD’s website. And, rest assured knowing that 2nd.MD partners with your Accolade Health Assistant to help you with second opinion support. If you have any questions related to your second opinion services, reach out to your Accolade Health Assistant for support.


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