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Getting the right treatment in the U.S. healthcare system often means navigating a web of confusing information. The experts at Accolade clear things up.

If you and your family enroll in a DuPont Medical Plan, you have access to free, dedicated Accolade Health Assistants. Accolade Health Assistants can field your healthcare questions and route you to the right resources, set you up with advice from a team of doctors, and work with you to find the best care options available for your needs.

Accolade Health Assistants Overview

DuPont provides access to Accolade Health Assistants at no additional cost to employees and their eligible dependents enrolled in a DuPont Medical Plan.

Here’s an overview of how Accolade can help you navigate all of your DuPont benefits:

What Questions Can My Health Assistant Help With?

You and your family can connect with Accolade Health Assistants who thoroughly understand your DuPont benefits and can help you with just about anything related to your healthcare. For example:

  • Finding doctors in your area.
  • Learning the costs of certain healthcare related services such as scans, labs and x-rays.
  • Addressing billing and claims issues.
  • Finding out which DuPont benefits fit your needs.

Here are a few examples of common questions your Health Assistant can support you with:

  • Is this procedure going to be covered
  • Why was I billed for this test?
  • When am I eligible for benefits election?
  • Can you help me find an in-network provider?
  • I was just diagnosed with diabetes – now what?
  • What questions should I ask my doctor?

Getting Started with Your Accolade Health Assistants

Getting started with Accolade Health Assistants is easy and only takes a few minutes. Visit Accolade’s website or download the Accolade mobile app (Apple or Google Play) and follow these registration steps:

  1. Enter your name as it appears on your Aetna medical ID card, followed by your date of birth and the mailing zip code listed on DuPont Connection.
  2. Next, enter the last four digits of your Social Security number, followed by your mobile phone number and desired password.
  3. Registration is complete! Log in to start using your Accolade Health Assistants.

You can also call 1-877-383-4756, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. ET. Nurses are available outside of these hours.

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