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We do important work, but it’s essential that you take time away to relax, recharge, and enjoy the finer things in life. DuPont offers you several options to spend time away with those you love.

Note: If you need additional time off beyond your paid leave, DuPont also offers additional unpaid time off, with manager approval under the DuPont Family Leave.


DuPont offers 12 paid holidays, which include DuPont designated holidays and personal holiday(s).

DuPont designated holidays may vary, depending on work location. We encourage you to refer to your local site HR for your holiday schedule.

Vacation Time

The amount of vacation time you accrue each month depends on how long you’ve worked at DuPont. Here’s the vacation accrual schedule for a full-time employee working 40 hours per week:

Accrual schedule
Years of Service
Vacation Days per Year
Monthly Vacation Hours Accrued
1 to 5 years
6 years
7 years
8 years
9 years
10 years
11 years
12 years
13 years
14 years
15+ years

Vacation Buying Program

Need a little extra R&R? Each year during your enrollment period, regular, full-time employees can buy up to 40 extra hours of vacation time for the following year through the Vacation Buying Program. You’ll pay for extra vacation time with pre-tax dollars deducted from each pay period this year.

Important Things To Note
  • You can purchase vacation only during your new hire or Annual Enrollment period.
  • You’ll pay for extra vacation time with pre-tax dollars deducted from each pay period throughout the year.
  • You can only buy up to 40 hours of vacation time per year. If your scheduled work week is less than 40 hours, you can buy up to the number of hours you work in an average week.
  • Purchased vacation will be used last. This means that you must use all types of vacation (e.g., accrued vacation, carried-forward vacation from the prior year) before using your purchased vacation.
  • If you have not used any purchased vacation and you leave DuPont, you’ll receive a taxable reimbursement in your final pay as an eligible employee for the amount you paid for purchased vacation during the year.

For more information about the Vacation Buying Program and how it works, we encourage you to read the Vacation Buying Program guide.

Sick Time

All employees have 48 hours of paid sick time available to them each year. This time can be used for medical appointments, for unexpected illnesses or injuries for yourself and for your family members, and for the short-term disability waiting period.

All employees must request sick time through Global Time Off Request (GTOR) in eTime, if able. If unable, your time administrator or manager can enter the request on your behalf. All employees must follow site procedures for reporting absences.

Out of the office due to a long-term illness or injury?

If you’re facing a long-term illness or injury, it’s critical to call our Short-Term Disability administrator, Sedgwick, as soon as possible so you can begin the claims process and avoid any lapse in pay.

Maternity Leave

If you’re having a baby, you may be eligible for DuPont’s maternity leave benefit, which offers up to 12 weeks of paid time off. Non-birth parents may also be eligible for up to 4 weeks of paid time off. For more details, see the maternity leave policy on HR Direct.

New Parent Leave

If you’re a new parent, or you recently welcomed a child into your life, you may be eligible for DuPont’s new parent leave, which provides up 160 hours of paid time off. For more details, see the new parent leave policy on HR Direct.

Military Duty Leave

Military duty leave provides job and income protection for members of the uniformed services when they are called to duty or if they are required to satisfy reserve training. Note that the amount of paid military leave you can take depends on the reason for your leave. See the table below for more details or refer to the military duty leave policy on HR Direct.

Reason for Leave
Leave Duration
Active duty or emergency duty
Up to 180 days
Annual reserve training (excludes civic air patrol) or special duty and other training (excludes local functions like drills, parades, etc.)
Up to 15 days
Initial reserve training (excludes civic air patrol)
Up to 90 days

Bereavement Leave

Bereavement leave provides up to 5 days of paid time off for the loss of an immediate family member and up to 1 day of paid time off for the loss of a non-immediate family member. For more details, see the bereavement leave policy on HR Direct.

Jury Duty Leave

Jury duty leave provides paid time off for jury duty or for serving as a witness. For more details, see the jury duty leave policy on HR Direct.

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