Menopause and Low Testosterone Support

What to Know

Menopause and low testosterone symptoms can be distracting, disruptive, and last for years. These conditions are rarely discussed in the workplace — or even the doctor’s office. With Carrot, you have resources to help you find the right support you need to manage your symptoms.


When you’re experiencing menopausal symptoms — like hot flashes, fatigue, and trouble sleeping — it can affect your day-to-day life. So can the symptoms of the lesser-known condition of low testosterone. According to Carrot, this affects nearly 40% of males over the age of 45 and 20% of males between the ages of 15 and 39.

These conditions are hardly ever discussed, which has resulted in limited resources to help you cope with the dramatic hormonal changes that affect physical, mental, and emotional health.

To help provide relief, we’ve partnered with Carrot to provide age-inclusive hormonal benefits.

How It Works

When you sign up for Carrot, you will have access to the Carrot Care Team, who can:

  • Help you find menopause or low testosterone specialists.
  • Share expert guidance with you.
  • Connect you to ongoing group sessions for education and support.
Find a menopause or low testosterone specialist

The Carrot Care Team has access to a robust network of providers who specialize in menopause or low testosterone, allowing you to get the right care, from the right specialist, at the right time.

Receive expert guidance

Schedule unlimited 1:1 virtual chats with menopause and low testosterone specialists. You can also access a library of trusted educational resources so you can spend less time searching online and learn at your own pace.

Connect to ongoing group sessions for education and support

Take advantage of intimate, medical expert-guided group discussions on common topics like managing symptoms and evidence-based treatment options. These anonymous Zoom sessions provide education while breaking down the culture of silence around menopause and low testosterone to help you feel supported, informed, and heard.

How to Get Started

Visit Carrot’s website to create your account and explore the available menopause and low testosterone resources available to you.

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