Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

What to Know

The Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA) is a savings account that lets you set aside up to $5,000 on a pre-tax basis to use for eligible child care and elder care expenses, such as before- and after-school programs, day camp, and nanny care.

How It Works

All regular employees who work 20 or more hours per week are eligible for the Dependent Care FSA.

With the Dependent Care FSA, you can set aside tax-free money to pay for day care for your dependent children who are under the age of 13 or are incapable of self-care. Day care expenses must be necessary for you to work, or if you’re married, necessary for your spouse to either work or attend school full-time.

Setting Aside Funds

Setting aside funds in your Dependent Care FSA has a few rules, depending on your tax status:

Tax Status
Amount You Can Set Aside
Single or Married, Filing Jointly
$120 to $5,000
Married, Filing Jointly, and Your Spouse’s Employer Offers a Dependent Care FSA
Up to $5,000 in total between the two accounts
If Your Spouse Earns Less than $5,000 per Year
Up to the amount of your spouse’s earned income
If Married Filing Separate Returns
Up to $2,500

Deadlines for Submitting Claims

It’s important to note that, like the Limited Purpose and Healthcare FSAs, funds in your Dependent Care FSA do not roll over from year to year. These accounts are “use it or lose it” accounts, which means your balance can be used toward eligible expenses incurred between January 1 and December 31. You have until the following April 15 to submit claims for reimbursement, after which your remaining balance will be forfeited.

How to Get Started

You must enroll or re-enroll in the Dependent Care FSA on DuPont Connection each year during Annual Enrollment.

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