Dental Coverage

What to Know

DuPont offers two dental plans through MetLife to keep you grinning, smirking, and smiling in style. Both plans cover preventive care — two teeth cleanings, two exams, and one set of bitewing X-rays — at 100% each year. The deductible is the same for both plans, but the plans differ in their maximum annual benefit and lifetime benefit.

About Your Dental Coverage

You can choose from two DuPont dental plans, which have a few differences:

  • The Standard option requires you to pay 50% in coinsurance after you meet your deductible. The maximum annual benefit is $1,250 per person. The Standard option does not come with orthodontia coverage.
  • The High option requires you to pay 25% in coinsurance after you meet your deductible. The maximum annual benefit is $2,000 per person. Orthodontia is available to children and adults, and the lifetime benefit for orthodontia is $2,000.

Both plans cover diagnostic and preventive care, including standard X-rays and two regular exams and cleanings per year, or four periodontal cleanings per year if you have a diagnosed periodontal condition.

Coverage Comparison

Here is a comparison of the features of your two DuPont dental coverage options.

Standard Option
High Option
Annual Deductible
$50 per person, up to a $150 per family maximum
$50 per person, up to a $150 per family maximum
Diagnostic and Preventive Care
(e.g., routine cleanings and X-rays)
Plan pays 100%
Plan pays 100%
Restorative Care
(e.g., bridges, crowns, and fillings)
You pay 50% after the deductible
You pay 25% after the deductible
Maximum Annual Benefit
$1,250 per covered person
$2,000 per covered person
Lifetime Orthodontic Limit
Not applicable
$2,000 per covered person, regardless of age

Cost for Coverage

This is the premium you’ll pay in each month for dental coverage.

Standard Option
High Option
Employee Only
Employee + Spouse/ Domestic Partner
Employee + Child(ren)
Employee + Family

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